Do I Need An Electrician To Install Home EV Charger?

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Charging your electric vehicle (EV) at public charging stations can be a hassle. It is easier (and cheaper) to install a personal charging station at home. You can try to install it yourself, but you will probably end up calling a professional electrician (or messing up your electrical circuit) if you don’t have the necessary skills. 

So, yes, you need an electrician to install your home EV charger. Here is an overview of why you need a professional electrician and how he/she can help. 

Installing an EV Charging Station Requires Professional Skills 

Did you know that you can use the standard 120-volt outlet to charge your EV? However, that would take too long, and you are better off using a 240-volt outlet instead. You will also need an EV charging station. This will require additional work on your home’s electrical system, and it is not as easy as plugging in an appliance. 

A professional electrician will know how to install a charging station without overwhelming the home circuit. He/she will measure your current electrical load to determine whether it can handle an EV charging station. Many homes require upgrades to their circuits and panels to support EV charging stations, and a professional electrician will know exactly what to do. 

Many of these critical details will miss your attention if you are not skilled. You also need to have in-person experience installing the different varieties of EV chargers. Consequently, you may damage the home electrical circuit if you don’t get everything right. This can also result in more damages, including the risk of starting a fire. Consequently, you can even harm yourself and others in the house. 

Finding the Right Professional Electrician for the Job 

EV charging stations are relatively new, and some professional electricians are still not familiar with how they work. As such, don’t call any professional electrician – find one who will guarantee flawless service delivery. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the ideal electrician: 

  • Skills & Certification 

Handling EV charging stations requires special skills, as explained. To this end, some electricians have certifications from EV charging stations manufacturers and other relevant authorities. It is advisable to go with a certified electrician instead of the local handy guy. 

Additionally, a certified and experienced electrician is better than one without any experience. As such, check whether the electrician has experience installing that particular type of EV charging station, as different brands have varying requirements. 

  • Quality of Services 

A professional electrician can be skilled and still offer poor-quality services. As such, go for an electrician with a good reputation in the city. You can get many leads on community forums. You can also save yourself the hassle and call WIRING Pros LLC, the best professional electricians in Phoenix, AZ. 

  • Insurance Coverage 

The right professional electrician should guarantee that the EV charging station will work flawlessly after installation. However, unforeseen complications may occur, and they may cause damages to the house’s electrical circuit or the EV. 

Such damages can be costly, and you shouldn’t be the one footing the bill. As such, ensure that your chosen professional electrician has the necessary insurance coverage to pay for such damages. 

Call the Professionals 

Installing a personal EV charging station at home will save you a lot of trouble. However, ensure that the new charging station is installed correctly not to cause you trouble. Get a professional electrician to get the job done. 

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