Common Electrical Issues Found During Home Inspections

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When people go to buy or sell a home, nearly almost always will it be accompanied by a home inspection. This is because home inspectors can assess a home’s condition while at the same time identifying any problems that could affect the home’s purchase price. Sometimes, a buyer or a seller will call out a professional electrician to identify and assess any potential electrical issues. 

When buyers do this, it is to identify any problems that the home inspector may have missed. In contrast, when sellers do it, they identify and fix any potential issues before the home inspector comes out and assesses the property. Long story short, a qualified electrician can provide either a buyer or seller with information that could help them during the negotiation period. 

So, whether you are a buyer or seller, becoming acquainted with the most commonly found electrical issues will surely help you know where to look. In this article, we will be discussing the most common electrical issues found during a home inspection so that you can plan accordingly.

Most Common Electrical Issues Found During Home Inspections

Improperly Wired Switches

One of the most prevalent electrical problems a professional home inspector will identify is improperly wired switches. Unfortunately, individuals who attempt to do wiring alone or recruit somebody with fundamental electrical abilities will often accidentally reverse the polarity when wiring an outlet. As a result, the improper installation happens when the neutral and hot wires get flipped around, representing a shock risk.

Double-Tapped Circuit Breakers

Double-tapped circuit breakers will occur when at least two hot wires are connected to a lone circuit breaker. Most circuit breakers are intended for single wires, so the connection of two or more wires can result in loose connections or even an electrical fire. An expert can fix this by installing an additional circuit breaker.

Ungrounded Receptacles

Outlets with only two openings and no opening for the ground wire are called ungrounded receptacles. It’s a frequent problem found in older dwellings. However, the problem of ungrounded receptacles needs to be corrected promptly because, without the ground wire, electricity can travel to any place it could track down a decent conductor, which can cause sparks and even fires.

Reversed Polarity

Reverse polarity occurs when the neutral wire in your wall plug is connected to where the hot wire should be. A small tester can be used to check for reverse polarity. However, smaller appliances will function even if the terminal has reverse polarity. Regardless, it is still suggested to fix the issue, which could damage your electronic devices.

Exposed Wiring

Uncovered wiring can pose an immediate safety concern. In many cases, exposed wiring that has wire nuts or tape might not be installed correctly. Improper installation can cause the wire end to become exposed, which may result in an electrical fire. This issue can be remedied by putting all uncovered wiring in a junction box.

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