Electrical Safety Requirements For Landlords: Everything You Need To Know

landlord electrical safety

Being a landlord is a great way to invest and make a steady income. However, it also comes with its fair share of obligations and liabilities. As a landlord, you are required by law to maintain a safe and livable premise for your tenants; and you are encouraged to reduce any unnecessary liabilities for your own sake. This is especially true when it comes to your electrical safety requirements, the security of your investment, and, most importantly, the safety of your tenants. In this article, we will dive into the Electrical Safety Requirements for landlords in Arizona and provide some valuable solutions for meeting these requirements and ultimately protecting yourself and your tenants.

What Landlords Need To Know

In Arizona, landlords are bound to uphold the Arizona Landlord & Tenant Act requirements for residential property and Title 33 requirements for commercial property. While there are slight differences between the two laws, they both cover much of the same subject matter. Therefore, as far as Electrical Safety Requirements, Arizona landlords must adhere to a few general things. 

First, landlords need to keep up with repairs to keep the property fit and habitable. This includes safe access to electricity. To ensure safe and secure access, landlords must keep up to date with the most current electrical standards and provide electricity through up-to-date equipment. 

Second, landlords need to maintain all services and appliances in good and safe working order. This means landlords must ensure that their equipment is wired correctly and working properly. Faulty or loose wiring can do more than just off the lights. It can also start a fire. In fact, electrical fires are amongst the deadliest fires in the U.S., killing nearly 500 people per year and injuring thousands. 

In addition, each year, electrical fires cost over $1.3 Billion in property damage every year and are considered one of the most preventable accidents. More often than not, these fires are due to faulty installation or substandard maintenance. Landlords alone can significantly prevent these fires from ever happening, all by having their electrical systems routinely inspected. 

Lastly, landlords must have their properties provide move-in inspection documents for all of their tenants. These documents will show a detailed analysis of the electrical systems. In the long run, keeping up with regular inspections will keep your equipment and wiring good for longer. This results in the least number of unexpected repairs, which ultimately save you money.

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