Electrical Tenant Improvements

New electrical mounting of socket box, switch electrical outlets connector installed in plasterboard drywall in apartment is under construction

Tenant improvements are a critical part of keeping rented commercial buildings safe and attractive for those that are renting them. Whether you are updating outdated wiring in a grocery store or adding solar panels to an apartment building, these improvements are all common tenant improvements for commercial spaces.

Electrical improvements are a normal part of keeping your commercial rentals in the best possible condition, and it’s important to have a good one on call that is familiar with electrical tenant improvements.

What Electrical Tenant Improvements Involve

Electrical tenant improvements in the commercial space usually involve strict timelines that need to be kept, so that the renter can get back to using the property as swiftly as possible. In some situations they may need the electrical team to work evenings or weekends, so that the commercial space can be used during normal business hours.

In order to have your electrical work done in a way that meets the needs of both you and your renters, you need someone with experience in working on commercial projects. That’s why it is critical to choose an experienced team for your improvements.

A good commercial electrical team can help in a wide number of situations, including:

  • Adding, Cleaning or Repairing Solar Panels
  • Making Electrical Repairs
  • Installing Outdoor Safety Lighting
  • Adding new outlets, wiring, or other connections
  • Surge Protection

They may also be able to help in unique situations, such as working with agriculture equipment or in sensitive situations such as hospital or medical buildings. Many commercial situations are unique in their requirements, so it’s also important for electricians working in this field to be highly flexible in meeting the needs of everyone involved.

Choosing the right electricians

At the very minimum, the electrician conducting your tenant improvements should be licensed, bonded and insured. The licenses they have should also be appropriate for the work being done. An 01 electrician does not do the same work as an 06 electrician, and it can be dangerous for someone with the wrong type of license to be doing the work.

If you are remodeling, your electrician should be a part of this process from the very beginning. They can inspect wiring, make updates while sheet rock is down, and help smooth the process of a remodel so the lighting is as beautiful as the paint job.

When selecting an electrician company, it’s important to pay attention to reviews and follow up on referrals from past customers. A good company will have plenty of high-quality reviews and will handle any poor reviews professionally.

When following up with a referral, it’s important to ask questions such as whether the company was on time, did they avoid delays, and how they handled problems that came up along the way.

Tenant improvements are a necessary part of renting out buildings. Whether the commercial space being used is a local grocery store or a trendy mall, the need for electricity is vital for everyone. Electrical tenant improvements need to be handled thoughtfully, and finding the right team you can trust is a big part of that.