Ceiling fan installation

Cut down on energy bills during the summer and help to circulate the heated air during winter to keep the room warm and ventilated with ceiling fan.

Summer is when energy bills begin to hit the roof as it becomes essential to cool down the home. With a ceiling fan, you can stay cool and yet get a reduction in your electric bills. Days when you don’t need your AC unit, a ceiling fan would be an excellent substitute and keep your Phoenix home cool all day long.

Why Wiring Pros to install ceiling fan?


We offer service at an affordable price that won’t make you pay through the nose.


Contractors use the best materials for the installation of your ceiling.


We’re skilled electricians to ensure the job is done correctly

Ceiling fans are not only decorative statement pieces in a home, but they also help cool down areas of the home that may require a little air flow for circulation and cooling. Some of the common issues homeowners run into when considering replacing or upgrading a ceiling fan is running into faulty parts that fall apart or stop working. For example: Sometimes an older fan can still work but the lighting may be completely non-functional. Usually this happens with a lesser quality fan, and it is not worth fixing. You are probably better off purchasing an entire new fan. At Wiring Pros, we typically recommend replacing older fans for better quality ones that can last longer. Stay away from plastic fans or plastic parts, metal fans are always better and last a lot longer.

If you’re considering a new ceiling fan installation where there has not been a previous fan installed, please understand that wiring needs to be installed along with a new box through walls or ceiling to a switch location. Patching and painting may be necessary, and electricians typically don’t do any drywall repair work. Sometimes during these types of installations, we may find some challenges due to the ceiling height, having a sloped ceiling, things not being flush, balancing issues, or the weight of the fan itself which can affect the rate of the assembly of the fan.

Currently, we don’t have any specific brands of ceiling fans to recommend we simply prefer working with metal materials versus plastic or composite materials which last a lot longer. Remember, always hire a licensed and bonded electrician to ensure your investment is secure.