Electrical inspections

Carry out an electrical inspection with a professional electrician’s help when you want to sell your home or just bought a home recently.

What is an Electrical inspection?
An inspection is an in-depth examination of your electrical system; every aspect of your Phoenix home’s electrical system is scrutinized. The inspector makes sure that the components, wires, panels, outlets, circuit breakers and systems, and systems are in excellent condition and meet safety standards.

The electrical inspector works under the National Electrical Cord. After the inspection, you will be informed what parts of your home are working as intended and what parts need to be checked out immediately, improved, or upgraded.

Wiring Pros LLC can efficiently handle every aspect of a home inspection for you; you can get your home inspected and simultaneously take care of every issue.

When your electrical system is inspected, you should expect:

At Wiring Pros, we classify a service call something that can troubleshooted or fixed pretty much the same day. From a simple breaker switch not working to creating an outlet where there was not one available, to replacing or swapping light fixtures for new ones, etc. A service call is a quick same day procedure (if available) or the soonest next available. Our service call rate is $300 which is a flat rate no matter what we are going out there to do with an additional $95 per hour rate for the labor cost. Materials are not included, and they are charged at the end of the completion of the service call. Materials are charged at cost. Service calls are completed on the same day and all our work is guaranteed for 2 years.

Home inspections are important to ensure your property is up to code and safe. At Wiring Pros, we provide visual inspections for only $300, labor intensive inspections start at $300+.

A lot of common issues found in a property inspection are improper installations, open splices, old, outdated equipment, lack of maintenance, hazardous materials, improper or no grounding. Some of the challenges our tech may run across during a home inspection in access, availability, and scheduling. In short, it’s always important to hire a licensed and bonded electrician to conduct your home inspection.