Electrical panel upgrade & replacement

Upgrade or replace your electrical panel when your energy consumption needs increase

An electrical panel is meant to regulate the amount of energy supplied to your home, and when the energy demand increases, you stand a chance of overloading the panel, which could cause a fire. To avoid this scenario, you need to call a professional electrician to upgrade or replace your electrical panel.

Why You Need to Replace Your Panel?

Many signs alert you when you need an electrical panel in your home; some of these include:

Water Damages

When your electrical panel has been damaged by water, then a replacement is necessary. A clear sign is when you find rust on the electrical panel; your electrical panel will eventually stop working correctly if you don’t replace it as soon as possible. A replacement will prevent a fire hazard, which is usually the case when electricity comes into contact with water.


As small as these animals are, they’re usually up to no good. They can eat out the wires in your home, causing some outlets to stop working or for some lights to flicker unnecessarily. If you notice mouse droppings around your electrical panel and open wires, then it might be time for a replacement.

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your electrical system, Wiring Pros LLC is prepared to come check it out and help you replace your electrical panel if necessary.

A meter panel is the like heart of a home, each breaker provides electricity to different sections of your home. For that reason, it is extremely important to keep track of the maintenance of your panel as it is your home’s most vital organ to keep everything running smoothly. We encourage our clients to upgrade their meter panels when they become out of date. Breakers also get outdated and codes change. Keeping up with new technology can save money as well as your life. Some older panels never shut off meaning they are always hot and are at higher risk of an electrical fire. Some older panels don’t even have a main breaker to turn them off. Some of the benefits in upgrading your panel may include insurance incentives as well. Your insurance company will provide better coverage for those homes that are less risk of a fire because of upgrades. Also, if you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle in the future having an upgraded panel can accommodate for that investment later down the road.

Our electricians love working with Square D, Eaton, and Siemens panel brands because they are the most common and easy to get replacement parts for.

If considering upgrading your meter panel, please understand that there will be at least a day without power in the home. Sometimes the footprint of the older panel versus the new panel at times won’t align perfectly. Also, don’t be shocked at minor cosmetic, paint, and patch work or repairs that may be needed after the installation is complete. Most electric companies don’t do cosmetic patchwork or repair. You may need to hire a professional for that additional service.

Panel upgrades on average can range upwards for $5,500+. The good news is that at Wiring Pros we provide 3rd party financing through Greensky Financial, and you can easily choose a flexible repayment plan to help with some of the higher costs of electrical repairs of the home. It’s always our recommendation to schedule a free at home estimate to get an accurate quote for the project.

A homeowner should never attempt doing a meter panel change out or upgrade without professional help. The power is always live from the utility and there is high risk for electrical shock. Also, consider the process of pulling permits with the city as well as coordinating disconnects and connects from the city which can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Always hire a licensed, bonded, and insured electrician like Wiring Pros to keep your home safety at ease.