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Get your home powered and your car energized with full power.

Benefits of Installation Electrical Charger


Installing an electric charger to charge your electric car is far cheaper, convenient, and time-effective than charging at a service station or depending on public use chargers.


Having an electric charger installed is generally much faster than the regular public EV chargers.


Having an electric charger installed for your electric vehicle could add value for your property, and make it more attractive if you decide to sell it to potential buyers.


Customizing your electric charger is only possible when you install your electric charger.

Why Wiring Pros to Install EV Charger?

You cannot afford to have your EV charger installed by a team who lacks requisite skill and expertise. You need Wiring Pros Electrical Service to handle your EV charger installation for several reasons:


We remain the leading partners for your electric charger.


Wiring Pros LLC leads the technology market by bringing new charging solutions to the table. Our team of electricians and circuit installers will help you set up your equipment.


We run-test our product first to be able to deliver top quality products and go beyond industry standards.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular not only for the positive environmental impact it possesses but also the cost savings it provides compared to traditional gas vehicles. At Wiring Pros, we recommend investing in your own electric vehicle charging station at home because it is an easier and faster way to charge your current or future electric vehicle. You can charge on your own terms and when it is most convenient for you. Another benefit in investing in your own electric vehicle charger at home are the tax credits and benefits. An EV charger benefit can range of to $7,000+ in tax credits. Which will basically for pay for itself.

An EV charging installation can typically start at $700+ and upwards of $2,600+ it all the depends on the location and accessibility of your home meter panel and access to the attic or walls where the technician will run wire.

Our electricians love working with Wall-Box chargers which are great if you own more than one vehicle these can allow you to charge up two vehicles simultaneously and, in some cases, you can also use the charge to feed your home as well if needed. Juice Box, Charge Point are also some we recommend since they are cost effective. If you are in the market for a Tesla, we recommend you invest in a Tesla charger.

Installing an EV charger at your home is usually a simple and easy process, however, there sometimes are challenges with homes that have their meter panels on the opposite side of the home and further away from the garage. It’s a great idea to inspect your homes electrical panel prior to purchasing an electrical vehicle because most homes are not equipped with such accommodations and often may not support the electric car. Often car sales representatives accidentally mislead their customers and say they can plug right into any outlet and that is not the case nor safe.

It is always recommended to work with a licensed and bonded electrician instead of trying to attempt doing it yourself. An electrician can assess your home and look at your panel to ensure the load can be supported. Again, often we deal with clients who have been told they can share outlets in the garage for their electric cars. A homeowner should never use an extension cord and run it through the home to charge their electric vehicle.