Home wiring & rewiring

We help you to prevent extensive damage with simple and timely maintenance and intervention to avoid damage that could happens to the house.

Old Age

The sign most people notice early is when the wiring begins to wear out due to old age; this cannot be avoided as no electrical system is indestructible. So, do not expect any electrical system to last forever. Complications will begin to pop up, and it becomes essential to carry out a rewiring to prevent future damages.

Discoloration & Burnt Smells

When you begin to notice discoloration around your electrical panel or a burning smell from the outlet, it is usually a sign that your electricity needs immediate attention. A significant threat to people’s safety in a house is the shortage of wires behind the wall. To avoid this happening, it is advised that you call a skilled electrician to come to take a lot.

Hotness & Smoking of Plugs

When you begin to notice your plugs or switches getting hot, it is usually a wiring problem. When the wiring isn’t done correctly, there is usually overheating. Sometimes, smoke begins to come out of the sockets, then it’s a faulty wiring problem, and you must rewire. If you find any of these cases familiar, then it might be time to visit a team of trained electricians.

Blowing of Fuze & Circuit Breakers

When a fuse blows or the electrical panel begins to trip or blows up, it’s a sign that there is an electrical overload. To effectively deal with this, you should replace the rewiring to prevent significant damages in the future. A replacement of circuit breakers usually solves the issue and can prevent overloading and wiring in the future.

Flickering Lights

Most people believe that when lights begin to flicker, it is usually a wiring get-old sign. However, it is not to be taken nonchalantly. If you begin to notice your lights flickering or dimming, especially when you plug in appliances, it’s usually a sign that the wiring needs to be worked on.

Why Wiring Pros?

We have over 10 years’ experience making homes safer; their team is made up of the best electricians, and they are committed to meeting your every electrical need.

Quality Materials

We boast a team of highly professionally trained quality control experts who ensure that no substandard tools, equipment, or materials are used for wiring your home.

Affordable Services

Whether you are a new or existing homeowner willing to have Wiring Pros as the electrician to help you tailor your home’s electrical installation, wiring, and rewiring services, you won’t have to break the bank.

Custom Wiring

We tailor our services and materials based on the need of the homeowner or the preference of the building contractor.

At Wiring Pros, we are known for exceptional commercial and residential wiring and rewiring. When it comes to new construction it is always easier to set wires the way the client wants to have them installed. This makes it a much easier process than rewiring an existing structure that may be older or have limited access. In a new construction everything can be seen because everything is exposed. Rewiring and older property will always be a little more challenging because there is harder access with an older construction, you often must open holes and find the issues between walls, etc.

Typically, you know it is time to rewire a property when the electrical devices are not intermittently working, plugs are falling out of outlets, you start seeing flickering lights, and or your wiring is out of code. In older homes ARC fault protection does not exist, new wiring will provide this extra safety. Older homes are wired with aluminum and should be considered replacing to cooper as it is more efficient and safer.

A blueprint or electrical plans may be requested at the completion of a rewiring job. All new wiring is also labeled as well to know what each wire is intended to do. When performing a rewiring task, it can come with some challenges specially if the property is older. For example: Access is one of the biggest hurdles because often the construction is solid brick which can be harder to get access through a wall as well as add costs. Also, if the property is undergoing remodeling the task can become inconvenient such as dust, access to the area, etc. Wood framed properties are always easier to rewire.

On the other hand, rewiring a new build is typically a little easier but also comes with some challenges.

The customer must know what they want before the job is started. If appliance specs and cabinet elevations are not provided, or finishing fixtures etc., it can cause delays. This information is crucial to complete the job in a timely fashion. If the customer plans on changing specs or requests any changes, it will certainly increase the cost. The more information provided the better and a clearer plan can be executed.

It is always important to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured professional specially dealing with your property’s electrical needs. At Wiring Pros, we offer a 2-year warranty on all services.