Electrical Inspection in Phoenix, AZ

Electrical Inspection Service 

This is an electrical age, and without electricity in our home today, things would be very different. However, our electrical systems are not imperishable, and without proper maintenance, things could go wrong. The best way to ensure that this never happens is to carry out an electrical inspection with a professional electrician’s help.

Whether you just bought a Phoenix home recently or you want to sell your home, a home inspection is necessary. If you’re selling, you need to make sure the home you’re putting up for sale is in stellar condition and won’t require any maintenance as soon as the buyer moves in. Home inspectors do their best to identify issues but may not be able to conduct an electrical inspection like an expert electrician.

What Our Electrical Inspection in Phoenix Offers

An inspection is an in-depth examination of your electrical system; every aspect of your Phoenix home’s electrical system is scrutinized. The inspector makes sure that the components, wires, panels, outlets, circuit breakers and systems, and systems are in excellent condition and meet safety standards.

The electrical inspector works under the National Electrical Cord. After the inspection, you will be informed what parts of your home are working as intended and what parts need to be checked out immediately, improved, or upgraded.

What To Expect

Wiring Pros LLC knows what to watch out for when it comes to looking out for electrical hazards in a home electrical system. When your electrical system is inspected, you should expect:

  • Testing of the smoke detectors
  • An inspection of the residence’s electrical panel for the right amps, labels, and operations
  • Inspection of smoke detectors and their placement
  • A Lookout for electrocution or shock hazards
  • Confirmation that the AFCIs are in excellent condition
  • Verification of the grounding system
  • Inspection of the outlets’ condition
  • A scrutiny of the outdoor electrical systems
  • Confirmation of the light bulb wattage
  • Inspection of the security and safety lights
  • Examination of the carbon monoxide detectors
  • An in-depth report of the residence’s electrical system with priority placed on aspects that need immediate attention.

Electrical Inspections for Real Estate Agents in Phoenix 

Carrying out an electrical inspection in real estate (Phoenix Houses) is very negotiable but thorough. If issues are uncovered during a home inspection by real estate agents like a wiring problem or shock hazards, you’ll be required to fix it up immediately to protect the buyer’s health. When there is no Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device, the buyer might request that the seller fix it up.

However, smaller electrical concerns like a deficient light fixture do not necessarily require change, and you can choose to disagree if the buyer requests it, except you’re looking to sell really fast, and you are not willing to risk losing the buyer.

If you want to sell your home, it is best to contact your real estate agent and get advice on whether to carry out an electrical inspection before or after putting the home up for sale. If you don’t, a prospective buyer might come along and request it, and you would have to do it anyways. Professional agents who have experience selling homes will adequately guide you through any fixing you might need to sell your home effectively.

Lately, though, most sellers choose to carry out a pre-listing electrical inspection so that there are no roadblocks during the selling period and avoid any issue that might cause delays. Wiring Pros LLC can efficiently handle every aspect of a home inspection for you; you can get your home inspected and simultaneously take care of every issue.

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