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Electricity History: A Detailed Guide to Electricity

Electricity has a rich and interesting history full of exciting facts, funny delusions, and brilliant inventors. It is the most versatile source of energy. Electricity is also the newest of all. Homes and offices have been using it for not much more than a hundred years.

However, electricity has played an important part in our lives. But in the future, it could play a different role, many buildings are generating their renewable electric power using solar cells. Do you have a curiosity about the history of electricity? Then don’t skip this article. Here’s we will share useful information about electricity, brief history, its types, and how it works.

What Is Electricity?

Electricity is the flow of electrical charges and a secondary energy source. It means that we can create electricity from the conversion of primary energy sources. Moreover, imagining a world without electricity is very difficult nowadays. From such small things like a study lamp to big things like a plane use electricity to operate. It has made human civilization very modern.

A Brief History of Electricity

In 600 BC, a Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus discovered static electricity and in 1600 CE, an English scientist William Gilbert first time use the word “electricity.” Then a French scientist Charles du Fay found the two kinds of static electricity in 1733. Furthermore, an American Benjamin Franklin carried out further experiments and discovered the two kinds of electric charge “positive” and “negative in 1752. After that, a French scientist Charles Augustin de Coulomb give the concept of electric fields in 1785. 

In 1821, there was a French physicist called Andre-Marie Ampere did a great experiment. He put two electric cables near to one another, wired them up to a power source, and watched them push one another apart. This revealed the fact that electricity and magnetism worked together to make a force. The first electric motor discovered by Michael Faraday and Faraday invented the electric generator in 1831. In 1840, James Prescott Joule proved that electricity is a kind of energy. James Clerk Maxwell give the detailed theory of electromagnetism in 1873. Finally, in 1882, Thomas Edison built the first large-scale electric power plants in the USA.

Types Of Electricity

  • Static Electricity

When electricity collects at one place (can be used in the future) is called static electricity. 

  • Current Electricity

The electricity in which charges move from one place to another is called current electricity. It is involved in powering all the electrical appliances in our homes and offices.

How Electricity Works!

For the flow of an electric current, there must be a circuit. A circuit is a closed path, and an electric current flows around it. A circuit is typically made by linking electrical components together with pieces of wire cable. For example, there is a simple circuit with a switch, a lamp, and a battery linked together by a few short pieces of wire. When turning on the switch, the circuit will complete and allow electricity to flow. Likewise, if the switch is turned off, there will be no current.

How Electricity Has Changed Our Lives?

Before the invention of electricity, people make energy from wood or coal fires to heat their homes or cook food. But its invention changed their lives. Interestingly, it is the energy that could be made in one place then supplied over long distances. People had not to worry about making energy for heating or cooking after electricity. They just had to plug in and switch on and the energy was there. Electricity is used now in every field, including surgical instruments, in transport and communication, in households, offices, and factories to run heavy machinery.

Why Electricity Should Be Used Carefully?

Besides the benefits of electricity, it can also be dangerous if not handled carefully. The electric current affects the body badly if it flows through. Electric shock can cause our body to experience pain or trauma. If we are lucky, it is limited to tingles of pain from static electricity build-up and discharged through our bodies. But when someone is working around electric circuits, capable of delivering high power to loads, electric shock can become a much more serious issue and can lead to death.

Another effect of electric current on the body is related to the nervous system. It affects the whole system of the brain, spinal cord, and sensory organs in the body function together to allow it to sense, move, respond, think, and remember. After the current is stopped, the person may not completely regain voluntary control over their muscles for some time. Therefore, we must use electricity with a lot of care.

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