Which Appliances Use The Most Electricity?

Let’s face it. Nobody likes overpaying for anything, and that is especially true when it comes to your energy bill. When you overpay on your electric bill, you not only waste money, but you also waste electricity. In fact, households on average waste 35% more electricity than what they needed. In this case, less is truly more. So, if you want to save money and the environment at the same time, all you have to do is minimize unnecessary electricity use. But what’s the best way to do that? Well, the easiest and most efficient strategy is to find out what appliances use the most electricity and monitor them closely to avoid any unnecessary electricity usage. In this article, we will be looking into reducing electrical waste by looking at everyday household appliances that use the most electricity.

High-Electricity Appliances


On average, household ovens use 58 kWh of electricity per month. However, you can reduce this figure by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. One of the most efficient changes you can make is to switch over to glass or ceramic dishes when you use the oven. Another change is to keep it clean, so it burns efficiently. Lastly, you can utilize multiple racks in one oven so multiple dishes can cook at once.


Generally, household dryers use 75 kWh of electricity per month. However, you can lower this number by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. One of the most efficient changes you can make is to clean out your lint filter after every clean. Another change is to put in smaller loads, so excess energy isn’t spent trying to dry an overloaded dryer. Lastly, you can save energy by washing your clothes with a high-speed spin cycle, so your clothes are much drier before they go into the dryer.  


Refrigerators also use a considerable amount of energy. Each month the average household uses 205 kWh of electricity. To reduce this number, there are a few things you can do. The first thing is to check the temperature of your refrigerator and make sure it is no lower than 36 degrees and no higher than 38 degrees. Another thing to do is inspect the door seals to prevent unnecessary air leakage. Finally, being mindful of how long you keep the door open can help you reduce electricity usage.

Water Heater

Water heaters use a ton of electricity. The average household uses 310 kWh per month. One change you can make is to remember to turn it on only when you are showering and turn it off after. Another thing is to take faster showers, so the total water usage is less. Less water means less need for heat and less need for electricity. Finally, you can lower your water heaters thermostat to save on electricity with your water heater.

Air Conditioner 

Last but not least, the greatest electricity guzzler in our whole house…your air conditioner! Households, on average, use a whopping 1450 kWh per month with their A/C. One way to save is to use household fans more and the system less. Another way is to use a smart thermostat to set an automatic program, disabling it when it is not being used. Finally, changing air filters can reduce the amount of electricity it takes to make your house cool while at the same time increasing the air quality.

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