How Do You Know if a Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

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We all are well aware of the circuit breaker and its importance in our electrical system. The circuit breaker plays an important role in defense in protecting your home. All electrical appliances and their proper working are dependent on the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker also needs occasional repairing and replacement. The question is that how would you know if your circuit breaking bad or not doing the required job. There are several reasons for circuit breaker going bad such as summer heat, Overload, and other reasons. If you overlook the maintenance or replacement of the circuit breaker, then you have to face a damaging situation in the future. At this time you will realize your mistake, so it’s important to inspect your circuit breaker and electrical panel occasionally.

Is My Circuit Breaker Bad? Some Typical Warning Signs

 How do you know about the bad circuit breaker? It is not a tough task at all. Following are some signs which can indicate that your circuit breaker is going bad and it’s time to replace it.

  • Burning Smell

If you are sniffing a burning smell or an unusual odor around your electric panel, then you can judge there is something fishy in your circuit breaker. This burning smell is usually due to the overheating of wires and insulation. In this condition, circuit breaker cant performs its functions and protects your home for short circuit.

  • You Have to Re-Set Circuit Breaker Again and Again

If you have to set your circuit breaker again and again, then it’s means it’s time to replace it or repair it. You have to call an experienced electrician to find out the exact reason and precautionary repair.

  • Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are so annoying. You are doing important work, and your light is flickering again and again. This cloud is due to the damaging circuit breaker.

  • Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker

 Frequent tripping is another clear warning sign. you switch on an electric appliance and your circuit breaker trip immediately then it’s time to change the breaker. When breakers are out of date, then they trip usually.  Sometimes too much power is drawn through a circuit breaker; breaker can’t handle it and trip.

  • Worn-Out Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to work for a decade, but sometimes they need to replace it after a few years or sometimes even after a few months of installation. You have to inspect the circuit breaker occasionally to detect any malfunctioning. If you can’t judge or point out nay thing then hire a professional electrician to inspect and give you best suggestion.

  • Scorch Marks Around Your Circuit Breaker

 scorch marks around your circuit breaker is another sign that your circuit breaker is not doing well. Sometimes wiring around your circuit melts and cause these scorch marks. A melted wire is hazardous because if you neglect it, then your home is at stake. Your electrical stem can fire up next time, or some appliances can get damaged seriously.

 Why It Is Important to Replace the Problematic Circuit Breaker?

 You all know that circuit breakers play a vital role in defending your electrical system. If too much power is drawn through the circuit breaker, then it could over-heat. Sometimes this overheating can cause a fire in system. Sometimes your electrical devices require more power, and the circuit breaker is not supporting it. 

So, it is important to replace or upgrade the circuit breaker. Sometimes electrical surges and jerks can cause damage to circuit breaker so it is important to replace the damaged one for your home safety. If you neglect its repair or replacement then you can put your house on fire or damage your electrical appliances. So, it better to inspect your circuit breaker and electrical system timely or you can ask for professional inspection too.

Is Wiring Pros A Good Solution

Identification of bad circuit breaker is easy. Once you identify that which circuit breaker is doing problem, then it’s time to call a professional electrician from are a reliable company such as Wiring Pros. They have a bunch of professional electricians who can investigate the real reason and also do the necessary electrical repair. 

Moreover, they can suggest you the best electrical solution for you any electrical problem. Calling a professional electrician from Wiring Pros can save you many future troubles by a faulty circuit breaker.  Moreover, you can have peace of mind when you realize that all your electrical system is doing well and you have spent in precautionary rapier at time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Diagnose Faulty Circuit Breaker?

Yes, of course, you can do by observing some warning signs such as bad smell, and unusual or continuous tripping. If you can’t judge the faulty circuit breaker, then hire a professional and experienced electrician from Wiring Pros to help you out.

Q: Do Wiring Pros Perform Safety Inspections?

Yes, they perform safety inspections on request. If you are doubtful regarding your electrical system and find any problem with your electrical system, then call them. They will inspect your system thoroughly and will suggest you necessary repairs and replacements.

Q: Is Hiring A Professional Electrician Form Wiring Pros Expensive?

No, hiring a professional and licensed electrician is extremely economical. It saves you from any future electrical troubles and inconveniences—Moreover, A professional electrician knows how to deal with any kind of emergency or which circuit breaker is doing a problem.  A professional electrician can inspect your electrical systems more keenly and suggest you necessary repairs and replacements.

Call The Professionals

An electrical circuit is an important part of your electrical panel, so its maintenance is necessary. Its replacement and repairing does not cost you high but gives you peace of mind. Moreover, you can expect extended life for your electrical system and electrical appliances. So if you’re facing any electrical trouble or issue related to circuit breaker then call an electrician from wiring pro. Yo