How to Become a Journeyman Electrician

How to Become a Journeyman Electrician?

Do you ever hear by the journeyman electrician? If yes, then well and good; if not, then let me introduce you to the journeyman in detail. Journeyman electricians are the electricians who are on their electrician’s career path after the apprentice stage.   

They are pursuing their way to becoming a master electrician by training. According to a survey, only ten percent of electricians are self-employed while some learn through apprenticeship.

Some may go to technical schools for more training. During their training, they learn how to install and repairs electrical systems and how to read blueprints. They also learn building code and regulations so later they can ensure that all of the electrical work done on a project or in any building is up to electrical codes. 

Categories of Journeyman Electrician

 You can divide journeyman electricians into three categories by their interests and specializations. They are narrowing their focus into one of three specializations during training, such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

  • Commercial Journey Man Electrician

Commercial journeymen electricians are different from residential electricians. They offer their services for commercial purposes. They can perform different electrical work according to customer needs. They can be an employee of a private company who serves commercial clients and their electrical needs.

They can also cater to different commercial sites at the same time. Commercial journeymen electricians must Know and adhere to local and state codes. They must have all the required materials and gear for daily tasks and job requirements. They must know installing various systems in buildings, including lighting control, security systems, and energy management. They must have complete knowledge of Troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems.

  • Residential Journey Man Electricians

As the name indicate that these electricians are specialized in residential electrical work. They professionally know how to install, repair, and maintain residential electrical systems. They can read the blueprints and can install the electrical system. They can put up ne wirings and install electrical equipment too as they are certified, so they know everything and can perform functions more professionally.

  • Industrial Journeyman Electricians

These journeyman electricians have a grip on electrical systems related to the industry. They have more grip on installing and maintaining electrical equipment in industrial settings such as industry, rigs, and power plants. They have a great understanding of how electrical systems work in the industry on normal routine days and in emergencies. They have certifications in dealing with equipment, like generators, pumps, and motors, and machinery. They have great knowledge to read and interpret the industrial blueprints.

Education Required to Become A Journeyman Electrician

If you want to become a journeyman electrician, you must have completed a 4-year apprenticeship program before starting a journeyman certification. Training programs are usually sponsored by the labor unions and many renowned industry groups. Some local colleges also offer apprenticeship programs, and their requirements vary from district to district.

You have to spend six hundred hours in the classroom for electrical study and instructions while eight- thousand hours of on-the-job training. On the job training, you have to perform various tasks from minor to major.

You can drill holes and sett anchors for electrical connections. You can do repair and maintenance work. An experienced supervisor supervises and refines your work. The supervisor is a master or experienced electrician and has a vast knowledge of the field.

Do You Need Lenience?

 Requirements for licensing vary from state to state. Many states require journeyman to e certified or licensed. Sometimes you have to pass a written examination of the National Electrical Codes, local electrical codes, blueprints, and electrical theory. Different states don’t require an exam, and these states require only 4 to 5 years of professional experience in the field.

Renewal of License

Again, licensing renewal rules and requirements vary from state to state. Some sites require continuous education to keep yourself up to date with the latest advancements, while some states don’t require any further or continuous education.

Benefits of Licensing & Certification  

Certification and licensing of a journey man come with many benefits. It proves that now you have a great deal of experience and training in electrical systems, so you are a reliable electrician. You know all electrical codes nation and state wise. You can install, maintain, and repair electrical systems and wirings. It means that certification makes you a trustworthy and reliable professional.

Job Prospects of Journeymen Electricians

In 2018 around six to eight hundred electricians got their jobs. There is no separate data available for journey men and experienced electricians to get their jobs.

Vast growth is expected in this field due to the new construction of buildings and the adoption of new electrical technologies. Certified and experienced professionals usually make their ways and earn a good lively hood.

Despite government jobs, you can explore vast opportunities with local government agencies, residential contractors, and electrical companies.

There is one crucial thing that journeymen electricians should keep in their mind. New advancements in technologies changing rules and codes can impact their job and career, so sometimes it becomes crucial to keep themselves up to date with new advancements to survive in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Everyone Can Become A Journeyman Electrician?

You have to complete at least four years of apprenticeship before getting the start as a journeyman. You have to spend 600 hours in class studying codes and electrical systems for 8000 hours for practical training.

Q: Do Wiring Pros LLC Have Licensed Professionals?

Yes, we have licensed and professional electricians to serve their customers. They are equipped with modern gear and experienced enough to deal with every kind of electrical installation and repair work?

Q: Do Wiring Pros LLC Only Provide Residential Services?

We provide both residential and commercial services at economical costs. They have a professional, experienced team to repair, maintain, and install electrical systems and wirings.

Final Thoughts

To become Journeymen electricians, you have to study in class and work in the field to experience. You can get a govt job or work in the private sector too, according to your specialization, after getting a license or certifications. Keeping yourself abreast with new technologies and electrical systems make your job easy and increase your chances of survival in the industry.

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