How to Choose a Reliable Electrician

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It is essential to regularly inspect your electrical system and ensure that everything is working fine. However, no matter how much you try, things are bound to go wrong. When your electrical system develops a fault, your next step of action is to look for a professional to fix it.

But given that there are so many artisans out there who claim to be professional electricians and experts in electrical and wiring work, it can be a lot of tricky settling for the right guy. Of course, money is not easy to come by; you have to keep searching until you hit the right button.

To help you narrow your search for the best guy, we have provided you with the right tips to know who is who in the electrical and wiring world.

Here are the factors to consider when hiring an electrical contractor:

Be Sure

One thing you must not dilly-dally about is the actual work you want to be carried out on your system. Before you call on that electrician, ask yourself about the specific work you need to fix, repair, or replace in your home. Being sure of what you want to do before you call on the electrician or begin the changes you want to make will help you minimize cost and oversight.

Licensed & Insured

One mistake you cannot afford to make is to hire an incompetent electrician to handle your electrical system. Therefore, it is crucial to hire an electrician who is licensed and insured. This ensures that you have the trust in your electrical system to the hand of a trained electrician. An electrician who is licensed and insured will help protect you from unnecessary stress and costs.

While hiring an electrician, you will come across two types of licenses: journeyman’s license an electrician license. Note that a journeyman’s license is only to certify that the electrician is permitted to carry out electrical repairs and installations. In contrast, an electrician’s license means the electrician is well-trained and skilled. Therefore, hire an electrician with an electrician’s license.

Who will attend to the job?

In some states, to hire an electrician, you need to contact the company who will send an electrician to come and get the job done. Since there are different levels of competence, such that a company of electricians can comprise of apprentices, licensed journeyman electricians, and master electricians, you have to know who is coming to attend to your electrical repairs or installation.


Another feature to look for in an electrician is his level of experience. Hiring an electrician who has at least three years of experience ensures that he is equipped with all it requires to carry the job successfully.

Another important point to look for when it comes to experience is references and past jobs. This means a list of past clients from the electrician to see how they did, the time frame, and if they experienced any issues working with the electricians.

A Good Reputation

Knowing the reputation of the electrician you’re about to hire is also a significant factor. Getting a friend’s recommendation is an excellent way to choose the right electrician with a good reputation. Also, you can check for reviews of your electrician on their website.

Get an Estimate

Your budget also plays a crucial role in choosing the right electrician to attend to your electrical repairs or installation. Before you hire an electrician, ask for his charge and compare it with your budget.

If what he charges is higher than what you are planning to spend on the repair, look for another trained electrician. To enquire about how you can get an electrician who matches your budget, consider talking to your contractor. He can also recommend a trained one with a good reputation. Always seek a detailed estimate that should include the summary of the material costs, brand specifications, labor, and job scope.

Detailed Contract

Before beginning any work, be sure that everything that has been discussed is in writing. The contract should include all the electrician’s detailed information, what is and is not included in the job. This point is almost needless to say, but because some electricians can act funny, you should make sure you document every detail of the job you are contracting out.


Any reliable electrician will be happy and confident to provide a guarantee after the job is done at no cost. By this, we mean that a professional electrician, who possesses all the skills and expertise, will tell you without reference to any book or internet search the right size and dimension of the home, the correct cable material to be used, and many more. A professional electrician who knows his onions won’t rely on guess and approximation.

A good electrician will also give you warranties. They should provide details of the work they’ve done and how long it will last when you need to check again. They will also be available to attend to your electrical needs in the event anything goes wrong with the work they have done for you. The results for their clients drive leading electrical contractors. So, they ensure they give the best result you want.

Final Thoughts

It would help if you had regular electrical inspections to keep your home safe and functional. Now, how do you select a good and reliable electrician? You have all the information at your fingertips.

While it is advisable to go for corporate electrical professionals, choosing individuals who are excellent at what they do will not be out of place. After all, what you want is a remarkable work that won’t give issuers in the long run.

Even though rewiring and electrical work can be invasive, professional electricians have an excellent way of when dealing with your private closets without being too unnecessarily intrusive.

Ensure your chosen electrical contractor wears their protective and safety gear, shoes, and covers; they should use the right proper tools and follow the best practices. Wiring Pros LLC is a full-service Electrical Contractor in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona. We can assist you with a wide variety of services including electrical wiring, commercial and residential service work.