How to Install A GFCI Outlet

How to Install A GFCI Outlet? All-Inclusive Guide

GFCI outlets are very popular nowadays to increase the security and protection of your electrical systems.

GFCI stands for Ground-fault circuit interrupter, and these are specialized circuits. According to electrical codes, you must install them in your wet places such as bathrooms, unfinished kitchen basement, laundry rooms, garages, and other added protection locations.

They have a built-in circuit breaker that interrupts the electricity flow at the time of emergency. These circuits instantly sense the ground fault or current leak, and the breaker interrupts the electricity flow to prevent from m damages or moisture-related electric shocks.

For proper working of GFCI, they must be installed properly. If you did not upgrade your electrical systems for ten years, then it’s time to upgrade them by installing GFCI. GFCI is easy to install and repair as replacements for standard outlets. You can replace almost any electrical outlet with a GFCI outlet for added protection and safety.

How to Install A GFCI Outlet? (Some Easy Steps)

Before starting the installation of GFCI, you have to shut off the power from the main electrical fuse board to ensure safety. If you doubt which fuses or circuit breaker switches control the electrical outlet where you will be working, plug a lamp into the outlet and turn it on, then off the breaker sone by one by one until you find the desired one. Mark the fuse or breaker that you can easily find in the future.

  • Removal of The Old Outlet

 Now it’s time to remove the old outlet. First of all take away the outlet cover plate and ensure that circuit power is shut off by using an electrical tester. Remove the holding screws, and then you can easily pull out the outlet.

It’s time to disconnect all the wires from the outlet. Usually, there are three wires; the green one is ground wire, white and black are neutral and hot, respectively.

 Some outlets also have to pair of white and black wires, which indicates that this outlet feeds power to the other outlets—this time, you have to determine which pair of wires provide power from the main panel. 

  • Installation of The GFCI Outlet

GFCI outlets are easy to install as they come pre-wired. They have two sets of wires. One set is called load while the other one is called line. The load set of ire distributes power to additional outlets installed after it on the same circuit while the line set of wire acts as a hot wire. Load- set provides the protection and shock resistance to all outlets connected to it, so there is no need to install GFCI separately on each of them. Connect the black wire with the line- set on GFCI. Connect the load-set with GFCI outlet and tape-marked white wire to the “load.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Always use wire nuts to secure the connections
  • Wrap the connections with tape for extra protection
  • It is necessary to Connect the bare ground wire to the GFCI outlet’s green screw.
  • After connecting all wires properly, now put the GFCI outlet in place of the old outlet and fold all the wires carefully.
  • Testing GFCI Working

Turn on the power and check that your GFCI is circuit is properly working or not. Make sure there is power In the GFCI circuit. If there is no power, then press the red button, and power will be restored. Now you can test GFCI by pressing the black button when you press the black button; it shut down the power and the red button popup. The same happens in case of emergency or electric leakage. After checking GFCI work, press the red button and restore the power for proper working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is It Necessary to Install GFCI?

 It is necessary to install GFCI at wet places such as bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen to avoid any moisture-related electrical shock or emergency. If your home still has old electrical systems, then it’s time to upgrade circuits to GFCI for more protection. Secondly, it is necessary to install GFCI according to state electrical codes. You can hire a professional electrician from Wiring Pros LLC for the installation, maintenance, or repair of GFCI.

Q: Can I Install GFCI By the DIY Method?

 Yes, you can install GFCI by yourself with the abovementioned procedure. You have to carefully follow the steps, and that’s it. If you are the first time doing any electrical work, then it’s a better idea to avail of services from Wiring Pros LLC. They have experienced and professional electricians to provide you premium electrical services at an economical cost.

Q: I Want to Upgrade My Old Electrical Circuits With GFCI. Can Wiring Pros LLC Help Me?

Yes, they can help you in all aspects. They have a bunch of professional electricians who are specialized in dealing with all kinds of electrical systems. They also have done many projects of upgrading electrical systems and installations of GFCI so you can rely on them.

Final Thoughts

Installing GFCI is necessary for protection and security. If you have a newly built home with a modern electrical system, then GFCI must be installed. If you did not upgrade your electrical systems for years, then it’s time to upgrade and install GFCI outlets. Hiring a professional from a reputed electrical services provider can save your time and money both. wiringprosllc.com is specialized and professional in dealing with all kinds of electrical works, repair, and maintenance. You can contact them at any time to avail of reliable services at an economical cost.

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