How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Arizona

How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Arizona

With more than 6% of electricity consumption coming from solar, Arizona residents consume about 17.5% higher than national energy consumption. However, when it comes to saving on electric bills, only a few Arizona residents know precisely what they are getting charged for and how to lower their electric bills.

There are a few ways you can lower your electric bill. You can reduce your electric bill in Arizona by knowing your energy plan, understanding when you use electricity, avoiding using the kitchen on hot days, and learning in this guide. Below you will understand the different reasons why your electric bill is so high as well.

Energy bills suck and if you’re a low-income earner, you can only imagine how much you pay to service electricity bills monthly. On average, Arizonan residents pay as much as 12.8 cents per kWh on electricity.

If you have been on a high electricity bill in the past, this post will open your eyes to some of the ways you can lower your bill in Arizona. Let’s move on to how to lower your electric bills.

Tips to Reduce your Electric Bill in Arizona

Know Your Monthly Energy Use

Determine the cost of electricity used per month per kilowatt-hour by getting the total cost on the electric bill and split it by the total kilowatt-hours.

Which Energy Plan Fits Your Budget?

Do not select the basic or standard electricity plan as it can get really expensive from May through October, depending on your usage though. Purchase a time of use plan because it will save you some money by using only energy appliances during off-peak times.

Know when to Use Home Gadgets

Run washing machines and dryers during non-peak hours like night time and morning time to save energy costs. Use the Air condition at night and in the morning your rooms and house surrounding become cool. So, at peak hours, make sure your A/C is off. Yet, the house temperature will still be cool.

Be aware that your body gets more charged markedly during the day because you most use energy. This is called demand charges.

Switch to LED light bulbs as they are more efficient and will help bring down the cost of your electricity bill. As much as possible, you should use cold water or warm water as it will help lower your electricity cost.

Save More Air Coming From AC

Another way to lower electric bills in Arizona is to ensure that the cool air your AC is exhausting do not escape away. How do you achieve this? You close and lock all windows, shut blinds, and drapes to deter heat transfer. Also, you should check your fireplace to ensure that the trapped air is not escaping through a chimney.

As a result of the extreme rise in temperature during the summer time in Phoenix, your air conditioning will be working overtime. So, turning the temperature up to about 80 will bring down your electric bill. 

Auto-use Your AC

Switching your AC to auto is sure to help you reduce the electricity bill by simply reducing the number of times that the AC fan motor is running. With the AC fan on auto function, the unit automatically self-regulates to prevent waste.

Have a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat will greatly improve not only your home electrical efficiency but also help to cut down on electrical bills. A programmable thermostat helps control the temperature in the day time to save energy, then cools down your home in time for you to arrive. With one simple setup, you won’t have to worry anymore about wasting unused energy. 

Avoid the Kitchen on Hot Days

Finally, to avoid using unnecessary electrical energy that will shoot up your bills, you should avoid the kitchen during the day’s hottest hours. This is so because kitchen appliances become inefficient and give off heat as it runs. Using your kitchen in the day time requires you to switch to using your air conditioner, which is not the ideal step to take when planning to cut down on your electric bills.

Reasons Why Your Electric Bill Is High

It can be overwhelming to maintain a budget when you have zero ideas on how much your utilities cost every month. It is relatively easy to blame your electricity provider for hiking your electricity rate, but you are likely responsible for the high electric bills as a result of your usage. Before we dive into helping you lower your electric post, we have a list of the culprits behind your high home power usage.  

Electric Vampire Appliances

One of the main reasons behind your electric bill shooting up every month is the fact that you leave your electronics plugged in, whether in use or not. With the rise of new technology, most of these modern appliances suck electricity when turned off. With these appliances still plugged in but turned off, they sit idle and suck electricity out of home, waiting patiently for a command.

Large Energy Consuming Appliances

Big electronics like washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers have voracious appetites for electricity to work effectively. Using these appliances can and will push your electricity bill up.

Ceiling Fans

Most electricity users make the mistake of using light to lighten an entire room’s brightness, which contributes significantly to the high electric bill. Although lighting is necessary for your apartment, keeping the light on when it’s of no use heightens your electric bill.

Using Electronics

That treasured and old refrigerator in your kitchen might be cute, healthy, and have many memories, but the fact that it is an old appliance will drive more energy than the modern refrigerators. Want to lower your electric bill? Could you get rid of it? Now that we have successfully identified the reasons behind the high electric bill, let’s move on to lowering the bill.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the information to lower your energy bills in Arizona, it’s time to take action. Do not allow electricity costs to take a larger chunk of your income. There are avoidable expenses, especially when it comes to using energy. Arizona is one of the best places to live in the US. It can also be an income-spinning area. 

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