Ways To Lower Your AC Cost In The Summer

Living in the Phoenix area comes with a lot of perks. Beautiful sunsets, great food, and great weather nine months out of the year. However, during those other three months, temperatures creep up and can make things pretty toasty. Temperatures in the valley can get as hot as 120 degrees. 

During this time of the year, the most essential appliance in your home is your air conditioning unit. In most homes, the Air Conditioning Unit will be running all day and night, which will drastically increase your energy consumption as opposed to other times of the year. Because of the increased usage and increased demand for electricity, energy costs can get really expensive during the summertime. Luckily, there are some things you can do to lower your Air Conditioning costs this summer.

Ways To Save

The Air Conditioning Unit will usually be the largest source of energy usage in most homes. In the Phoenix area, this is especially true. Air Conditioning Units make up on average half of your total energy bill and even more than that during the summer. This makes regulating your Air Conditioning usage the most significant way to save on your electric bill. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your house cool without overpaying on your electric bill. 

Turn up the temperature and use fans

The first thing you can do is turn the temperature a few degrees higher than usual and use more fans in your home to compensate. Ceiling fans and portable fans use much less electricity and cost a whole lot less than what it takes to run your Air Conditioner. In addition, because personal fans are more centralized towards a specific location, they can use less energy and cool down the home areas you use the most, without using excess electricity cooling down rooms you don’t use often. 

Cover your AC unit

Another thing you can do is to cover your Air Conditioning Unit so it stays out of direct sunlight. Households that keep their Air Conditioning Units uncovered will use 10% more energy to keep your home at the same temperature. There are many ways you can cover your Air Conditioning Unit. Some people will use a tarp or specified direct covering, whereas others will use cabana-type coverings from above. If the location of your Air Conditioning Unit does not allow for this type of covering, natural shading can also be used by planting trees and shrubs. Regardless of what you use to shade your Air Conditioner, the act of shading it alone will very much help reduce unnecessary energy usage. Using shades on your windows will also decrease the amount of heat that enters your home and ultimately keep your home cooler. 

Schedule seasonal AC unit inspections

Having your Air Conditioning Unit inspected to ensure proper wiring will make your A/C unit run much more efficiently. Faulty wiring can drain electricity more than anything else and can also lead to electrical fires and other accidents. 

By making these simple adjustments, you can significantly reduce the strain on your A/C unit and your wallet.

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