What Is A Power Surge And How Can You Prevent Them?


The use of electricity has become essential to our lives. That means that protecting your home’s electronics and appliances is crucial because, at any moment, a power surge could happen at your home. Power surges create a huge spike in electricity, and they can damage your electrical devices, appliances, and outlets at your home. 

Now, it’s not always feasible to prevent power surges. However, being prepared is the best possible way to minimize its destruction. By understanding what power surges are, how power surges happen, and how power surges can be prevented. That way homeowners can better protect their homes if a power surge occurs.

In this article, we will discuss what a power surge is and how power surges can be prevented so that you will be ready if they ever happen to your home. 

What Is A Power Surge?

The electricity that runs through your home’s outlets will fluctuate between zero and 169 volts, typically. However, when electricity exceeds 169 volts, a power surge happens. In addition, a power surge can occur whenever there’s an electrical interruption in your power grid or one of your devices forces electricity back into the electrical system instead of drawing it out. 

Signs that you may have a power surge heading your way include: your devices abruptly resetting themselves, your appliances are losing power, or you have tripped a circuit breaker.

What Causes Power Surges?

Power surges may occur for a variety of reasons. However, the most common reasons are due to: 

Improper Electrical Wiring

This can be due to faulty home projects or found generally in older homes. Uninformed homeowners will usually not update their home’s wiring system, making power surges likely.

Lightning Storms

High winds and lightning can damage electrical equipment. This damage can boost electrical pressure and create a power surge.

Appliances That Run A Substantial Amount Of Electricity

Certain appliances, such as your air conditioner, require a considerable amount of electricity to operate correctly. When they are used excessively, they can cause an electrical spike.

How Can You Prevent Power Surges?

You can help prevent power surges in a few different ways:

Installing Surge Protectors

Installing surge protectors can help minimize the destruction a power surge can create. The three most common types are whole-house surge protectors, power-strip surge protectors, and transient voltage surge suppressors. Ask your electrician for more details as far as which type is best for your home. 

Unplugging Your Devices

Unplugging your unnecessary devices can significantly reduce the risk of an electrical spike that can cause power surges. 

Get A Professional Electrical Inspection

Checking your home’s electrical wiring or getting a professional inspection every now and again is crucial to avoiding damage to your devices and appliances. 

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