Solar Panel Cleaning and Reinstallation

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

From time to time during the course of your solar panel’s 25+ year lifetime, it may become necessary to remove the solar panels for a brief period of time. The reasons for having them removed range from doing repair work on the roof, to avoiding damage to the panels from tree work or other nearby construction.

Uninstalling solar panels and then reinstalling them later is a common part of solar panel ownership, and is quickly and easily done by a professional. What you may not know is that while the panels are off the roof, it’s an ideal time to get them cleaned.

Benefits of cleaning your panels

While a good rain will likely take care of most of the dirt on your panels, cleaning them can often restore them to their full energy collection ability. Any film of dirt on your panel can reduce how much access to sunlight they have.

You can usually determine whether solar panels need cleaned or not from a visual inspection. If there is any visible dust or dirt on the solar panels, cleaning off all the dirt can help restore function of the panels and bring them back to their original power.

A professional service can uninstall the panels for you, wash them clean of all dust and debris, and then reinstall them for you later after any work is done.

Why choose a professional service

Depending on the location of your solar panels, cleaning them can range to very easy to very difficult. If you have solar panels on the ground, it can be a simple as wiping them down with a 3% soap solution. When the solar panels are high up on a two-story building however, cleaning them gets a lot trickier.

Removing the panels safely, without damaging them, may require expert service. Panels can be damaged from using the wrong cleaning supplies, such as detergents that are too harsh, or bristle brushes that scratch rather than scrub.

Finally, personal safety is another big consideration. The reality is, rooftop solar presents some risk due to its location. The people who uninstall and clean your solar panels have proper safety equipment, and will be able to take care of your solar panels safely.

There are many benefits to owning solar panels. Their long lifespans allow you to harvest the energy of the sun and turn it into useful energy to run your refrigerator and keep the lights on. Their long lifespans also come with a bit of maintenance.

If your roof needs repairs before the lifespan of your solar panels are over, uninstalling them will make those repairs easier. While the panels are off your roof and available for closeup inspection is the perfect time to look for damage, make sure none of the panels need replaced, and to clean them up so they can go back to providing you with power for your home.

If you’re planning to uninstall your solar panels while repairs are being done, don’t forget it’s also the perfect time to get them cleaned as well.