When Do You Need To Do An Electrical Inspection?

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Having a regular electrical inspection will help minimize the risk of accidents and ensure that your home electrical components and wiring are in good condition. So, when do you need to do a proper electrical inspection?

You need an Electrical Inspection in Phoenix before you buy a house, if you live in an old house, after a surge, and/or after buying a house. A lot of our electrical inspections are from real estate agents and firms. In this article we will learn more about the different reasons as to why you should get an electrical inspection.

An electrical inspection is necessary to ensure that everything is in order, and nothing is suspected of causing a hazard in your home’s electrical fitting. While you may think you have no need for an electrical inspection, certain conditions necessitate you to do an electrical inspection.

Let’s find out the time when you need to look for an electrician to inspect the electrical system in your home:

Before You Buy a House

If you are planning to buy a house, it is essential to go out and look for a trained electrician to examine the electrical system of the house. This is necessary as it is possible that the house wiring system has developed a fault that might be expensive to repair.

Your electrician will examine it, identify the faults in it, and estimate the cost of repair. Calling your electrician to inspect the house will also help you to negotiate the house, as you are able to identify faulty components.

An electrical inspection is also necessary before buying a home because it affords you ample opportunity to identify any dangerous electrical conditions that may be expensive to fix once the property has been purchased. Many home builders and contractors do not adhere to building guidelines, especially when it comes to electrical systems. The occupants taking over the house should endeavor to do thorough inspection before packing in.

If You Live in an Old House

Is your house old and degrading? If yes, then you might need to call your electrician to come and inspect its electrical system. This is more important if you notice any faults in the performance of the electrical system, such as tripped circuit breakers and regular power outage. These faults are often a result of overloaded electrical appliances and circuits or an earthling problem.

Have you been experiencing any electrical problems like tripped circuit breakers or power outages? If yes! Then you should consider an electrical inspection to help identify any electrical problems or safety. Old houses are often known to have faulty electrics. If your house has been built for years, you will have to regularly check the electrical system, including wiring, sockets, plugs, and many more. Typically, a house is supposed to be check for any electrical upgrade or problem at least once every five years.

After a Surge

An electrical surge is usually dangerous to electrical installations in homes and business buildings. The faults caused by an electrical surge are not only hazardous to the people in the house but can also damage your electrical appliances.

Hence, to protect your family and appliances, it is crucial to invite your electrician for an electrical inspection. It is very important to run an electrical inspection and necessary precautions to keep your home safe after a storm or if your home has been affected by the storm.

How to Protect Your Home against Electrical Surge/Storm

While you cannot prevent an electrical storm, there are actions you can take to protect your house from the impact of the storm. Here are helpful tips?

  • Ensure that your safety switches installed to your circuits are functioning well
  • Disconnect all appliances you are are not using from your electrical circuit
  • During a storm, avoid having contact with appliances, electrical cables, and lights

After Buying a House

It is your legal duty as a homeowner to provide safety for your home. Though the law varies from country to country, most countries, such as Australia, mandate it for citizens to use electricity in a safe manner.

Hence, it is crucial to regularly carry out an electrical inspection on your house even when you have no sign that your electrical system is faulty. You must run an electrical inspection if you have been in your home for some time to ensure that all electrical wiring is still in good condition. It is a necessary precaution to adopt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my house’s electrical system be inspected? On average, you should check your house electrics every five years. That is, after the first five years of your tenancy, do a thorough check of the electrics. To avoid major overhauling, ensure the first installation is good, and only quality materials are used.

This is because the quality of the first installation will determine the interval of the frequency of the subsequent electrical inspections. Nonetheless, do not leave anything to chance when it comes to electrical inspection of your house.

Is fixed electrical testing legally required? Yes. The electrical installations of your house must be tested. This is what is called the fixed wire testing. The reason for making this a legal requirement is to ensure that the house is safe for living. Two, fixed wire testing also ensures the wires and other electrical kit used comply with the safety standards.

Do I need any certification to do Inspection by authorities having jurisdiction? Yes. You only need to be able to prove that the installation and inspection are duly carried out by a certified and licensed electrical professional.

How do I prepare for the electrical inspection? There are certain things you can do as you wait for the electrician to inspect your house. They include:

  • Hold sables firmly with staples
  • Cover wires with nuts
  • Use circuit breaker
  • Don’t power the circuit
  • Don’t switch any electrical/electronic devices
  • Plug holes in boxed

Final Thoughts

You should take an electrical inspection very seriously. Make it a habit to always check all electrical systems and wiring of your house as the law requires. You don’t even have to wait until the required interval. Safety is an individual responsibility. Having a bad or faulty electrical system is as dangerous as sleeping under a leaking roof. At Wiring Pros LLC, we offer a fantastic electrical inspection for real estate agents in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Area.